Good day Everyone,


Today, I am about release for the details of a major event that took place last year, and that I never disclosed for reasons that will soon be clear to you.


It was exactly one year ago that this unexpected event brought me great joy and hope for a lasting peace. But it did not take long for that great joy to turn into deep sorrow, and the hope of peace to be turned into a major disaster. Thus resulting in the strong actions that am contemplating against those who manufactured the divisions we live in today. Actions that I listed in my previous message, with an expanded version reprinted below.


Because, while I do not return hate with hate, but with love, cruelty with compassion, and insults with flowers,  there is also the saying that goes, "Nice guys finish last". So when people wrongly take my niceness and patience for stupidity, it becomes time to show them that nice guys can also return an eye for an eye when pushed to the limit.



however, I must begin with a confession before telling the story of that event. Because many of you will remember having read the 'Joy & Hope' part of the story. But until today,  I had never disclosed the disastrous ending that followed weeks later. And the reason was my  embarrassment in telling the good Samaritan who initiated the event, that the joy and hope for peace he was credited with were  turned into a disaster by family members.
So let me quickie summarize the 'Joy & Hope' part of the story that many of you might recall.



It was on this Sunday a year a go in 2020  when concerned citizen of our community named Jacques invited me to Jazz Night at Brasserie Creole for a drink, not realizing that he had other plans in mind. So seated there, I saw someone walking by and I thought I was seeing a mirage. But as this person came toward me, I soon realized that it was no mirage, but my daughter Tanisha who I hadn't seen or spoken to in more than  2 years as a consequence of the current never-ending drama. But my greatest shock came when I realized that she was there to recon ciliate with her father in a surprise initiative put together by Jacques.


Well no need o tell you that it turned out to be a very emotional reunification that I welcomed with no demands made, and no questions asked about the family disaster that had separated us. And to  make a long story short, this picture tells the ending.

At the end, she drove me home, and became the first and only person in the family to know my new residence.



Now, I soon began to hope that with my daughter's first peace initiative in the family, she may have opened a door for others to walk through toward a greater peace. Then the following day, I sent e message to my friend to express my appreciation for what he had accomplished, and I got this reply from him, reinforcing the idea of a greater peace as circled in yellow:

Well, after 4 failed peace initiatives on my part, the timing for his advice was perfect as my daughter had just opened that door. So I once more extended an unconditional  Olive branch of peace to the family that would only require an honest communication to clear the air, and all would be forgiven.


From that day on, I communicated with my daughter without ever bringing up the family drama. But  we agreed to have a dinner date to talk over the issues. but as the Corona virus made its appearance on the scene, we agreed to delay the dinner date.


With that, comes the never released 2nd half of the story



Now it was weeks later, as the virus was making rampage, and my daughter offered to order  some groceries for me from 'Amazon Fresh', and have them delivered to my home. But soon after our conversation about what to order, I realized that I forgot to give her my shipping address. So I called her back to give it to her.

- Then she told me: "Oh, I have it already".

 - Surprised, I said: "How come? I forgot to give it to you".

- To which she replied: "Oh, I took it when I was there"


 Then I remembered that when she came to my home, it was  past midnight, and after I showed her the apartment, she left without making any comment. While I thought that was unusual for a first visit to her father's new home, I attributed it to nervousness of the moment. But still, she had the foresight  to look for the address in the dark and write it down, when she could have simply asked me for it.  But I figured there was a valid reason, such as to send a surprise gift for my new home.


but still, as someone living on the defensive with my niece Johanne's police obsession that made me keep my new address secret from my family, I decided to tell my daughter not to share my address with anyone, specially with the hell that Johanne has put me through with her compulsion to call the police over spilled milk, as she confirmed in these texts that she sent me..


In addition, there was her deranged obsession to see evicted from wherever I lived, even from a shelter which  she also confirmed in this other text to me.


First, you must \ have heard of the legal term 'Consciousness of Guilt", when people demonstrates a guilty conscience by their actions or speech.


Well, it seems that was exactly the case with my daughter who reacted in a totally unexpected manner upon hearing the name Johanne with my concern about the privacy of my address.

Because she suddenly changed personality and flipped back to the transformed pre-reunification Tanisha by sending me an outrageous message full of insults, rehashing long-discredited falsehoods of the past.. A behavior that is also prevalent with Marline rehashing dead marriage issues like her sister's erroneous "Assault on Tiffany" lie. Thus reinforcing my belief that they were both victims of the same brainwashing process.


Now as I show you her shocking reply, you will understand why I was too embarrassed to share it with anyone, especially with my friend Jacques who had initiated our reunification. A most troubling message from a daughter to a father. now, I have highlighted many of her troubling statements to comment on their origin afterward.




I did not secretly grab your address AND I have NOT given it to anyone. ..but never mind. I knew that you have not changed and are still very sick. But I went against my better judgment and agreed to meet with you and your friend. I see nothing has changed. You cried crocodile tears.

There will be no reunion until you check yourself into rehab. I don't even know who you are anymore. This person you have become has taken over the body of the man that used to be my Dad.  I will not get oflended though. You‘ve said so many nasty thing about your daughter over these years, so I'm used to it by now.

Also I know that it's the
drugs talking. Have u not looked in the mirror lately. Do u not see yourself?  I will have to go back to loving you from a distance, because I will not deal with the toxicity. I will stay away. I guess I'll just continue to pray you see the light one day.


Then let me comment the erroneous comments that I highlighted. Not to give them credence, but to emphasize the gravity of the psychological damage inflicted on her.

  • ".. you have not changed...": Well, what she never does is describe the change she observed, nor why she imagined it the day that Doc Dupiton dropped the guillotine on my marriage.
    However the glaring change that everyone can see, is that the smiling daughter in the reunification pictures above, is NOT the same one who wrote this toxic message that is unrelated to my question about the privacy of  my address. And that is not just 'Change; but overnight 'Transformation'. FACT!

  • "... you are still very sick": Well this one goes along with Marline telling me "You got problems'. But I wonder why they have so much 'Problem' telling me what my 'Problem' is. Well, the real 'Problem' is when these words are programmed and brainwashed into people

  •  You‘ve said so many nasty thing about your daughter: This one is the reason I made my story public. Because everyone has read volumes of pages I wrote referencing my daughter, and her victimization at the hands of family members. So If anyone can find ONE instance of me saying ONE nasty word about my daughter, and even Marline, PLEASE bring it to me and collect a kool 1 million dollars.

  • I know that it's the drugs talkin...  I will not deal with the toxicity: Well, now I am really confused as to what asking her to keep my address falling in Johanne's hands have to do with drug & toxicity? Specially since this drug slander created in a scheme to give an excuse to evict me from my sister's house has been  discredited long ago. This what happens when you live in the past and in denial of reality. Next...

  • Have u not looked in the mirror lately. Do u not see yourself?  Well, as to my look, when she saw me at
     Brasserie Creole witnessing everyone happy to see me and giving me hugs, all I heard was "Man you looking good". No one, even my friend who took me there saw a monstrous character, nor one under the influence of toxic substance.
    But since to the idiocy of a crystal ball mirror that I first heard from these older women, I did take the advice of looking into the mirror. Then surprised at what I saw, I also asked Marline to look into her mirror. And guess what we both saw:

  •  You cried crocodile tears: Well I am sure that you don't know what she means by that.  She is referring to the moment when I saw her appear at Brasserie Creole, and upon realizing it was for our reunification, I got so emotional that tears were about to come out. My friend Jacques was a live witness to that moment. So if that's what she called "Crocodile Tears", I did not know that crocodiles could get emotional seeing another crocodile..

  • There will be no reunion until you check yourself into rehab: Well that one deserve more details, and it takes me to the next section "From Hope to Disaster".

As I mentioned above, after I sent a Thank You message to my friend for staging the reunification with my daughter, he sent a reply with this advice:

Again after my daughter had open-ended the door for peace, I extended a peace offer to the family that most of you might remember. But when I got no reply, I send a survey to individually poll each person to see who welcomed my peace initiative. The result was a landslide "YES got 1 Vote"  and "NO got ??? vote" . The 'NO votes were actually No-Response. And guess who recorded the "1 YES vote"? well It was yours truly Jean-Claude Elie.


But then I asked myself, "Why these women could not find the courage to provide the NO answer No?".

Well they actually did indirectly the coward way passing on the buck to my daughter who gave me their response in the message above as she wrote

There will be no reunion until you check yourself into rehab


Obviously, my daughter who's the youngest one could never take the responsibility on her own to reject the peace initiative. Such response could have only been provided to her by the top Boss Mad Doc Dupiton who operates in the dark to victimize people. The same Top Boss who delegated my daughter to secretly record my home address on our reconciliation day.


 In the end, the women syndicate of division below that succeeded in dismantling all 'Elie unions, also succeeded in trashing the 'Elie' father/daughter reunification, and all peace initiatives

But demands for answers & accountability on my daughter's victimization continues, as



While the reunification initiative might be viewed as having failed the end, I will differ with that opinion. Because, even in a perceived failure, the lessons learned can outweigh any perceived failure. And in this case, the greater lesson learned is that the victimization of my daughter, and the intensity of the psychological manipulation she was subjected to was many times greater than I ever imagined. Specially when a simple question about the privacy of my address in connection the name Johanne Dupiton can undo a father/daughter reunification.


And even more revealing is the fact that no family member expressed any joy over the initial reunification, nor attempted to repair the damage that came afterward, as they rejoiced seeing it fall apart. Thus exposing once and for all who executed her transformation.


report below depicting her transformation in action, and emphasizes Marline's obligation to meet the challenge presented to her, as it was her sister Joelle who lit the initial fuse to this drama in Marline's name.


In the end, this is what lead to the dramatic report below that is a greatly revised version of this one issued on my daughter's birthday to give you a deeper insight on her victimization, and emphasizes Marline obligation to support my efforts to get to the roots of the psychological victimization of my daughter. Specially since it was her sister Joelle who lit the initial fuse to this drama with Marline as the centerpiece.


NOTE: It is important that you read a this expanded version,  as additional actions and evidences are added at the end in support of  action to be taken against the professional licenses of Dr. Marie Dupiton MD., and Joelle Mith0-joseph LCSW, including possible legal actions on past activities if there is not at least an honest effort to resolve the issues that are listed .


With that, let's go to the next dramatic section











On March 1st, 2021 I am delivered a significant  message centered on the victimization of my daughter Tanisha Elie. A message that has special significance being delivered on this milestone Birthday of hers, and also bring more significance to a challenge that I am about to give Marline, who I viewed as a role-model step-mother for my daughter during our 5 years of marriage.


So what I am about to do, is to make my case as to why she needs to meet this challenge that l will require the courage to pull herself from a Double CATCH-22 that she's been caught in with those family members who intruded in her marriage. And failure of my efforts to get answers will cause the strong actions listed at the end to go into effect,


But let me first share this Birthday Card that I created and sent to my daughter with the hope that those behind her victimization  will realize that this is a serious matter to me as



(Pictures are from her 30th Birthday with soon-to-be wife Marline, and her mother Paulette)




I will begin by listing examples activities that reflect her victimization, followed by the challenge to Marline and the Double CATCH-22 that she will need overcome, closing with the major actions that will follow if my efforts fail, or Marline's challenge is obstructed with.


Now, these lists of actual activities, mysteries, statements made, etc., that depict her victimization will show the gravity of the situation and provide background information toward general and honest conversations on this matter.


  • LIST #1: Topics & events connecting Marline to my daughter, and for which she’d have direct input and knowledge.

  • LIST #2: Topics on how our 2 families' intrusion in the marriage & their pressure on Marline contributed to my daughter's victimization .

  • LIST #3: Topics and events directly linking the Claude/Dupiton of my own family to her transformation .

  • The challenge to Marline, and the Double CATCHH-22

  • FINALLY, actions against Practicing Licenses upon failure.


  • The mystery of the simultaneous marriage break up and of my daughter breaking up with her father without explanation.

  • The mystery of my daughter getting brainwashed by my family against me, and used on Marline against our marriage without me suspecting anything.

  • The mysterious & secret connection between Marline and my daughter during the marriage that led to Marline telling me: “You don’t have a daughter anyway as she headed to be kidnapped by Johanne. Then Marline telling me after our separation: You got the wrong ladies, me and Tanisha we do what we want…”

  • The mystery of Johanne Dupiton’s immoral act of dragging Marline and my daughter to a police station to stage my wrongful arrest.

  • The mysterious case of my daughter being provided with the phone # of the DA on Marline’s “Blocked-phone to control” case, then calling him to report me on the Balmir staged Drug frame.

  • The secrecies behind Doc Dupiton ‘FAKING-230BP plot that Marline blindly executed, followed by secretive 6AM calls, and questioning why my daughter did not directly check on my health with me.

  • The mystery of Marline’s uncaring attitude toward my concerns for my daughter when I tried to discuss them with her, and she told me: Your daughter’s issues are not my sh*t problems”, while at the same time  using her name in derogatory texts to me.
    Etc., Etc., Etc.

As I said, I am only looking to have a general honest conversation for a better understanding of what led to the above. Because, as a mother herself, it is Marline's minimum obligation toward me and my daughter.




This is a list of incidents that shows how our families deep intrusion into our lives directly contributed to my daughter’s victimization and to Marline’s current state of denial. Thus reinforcing her obligation to cooperate on the issue of my daughter. For example:

  • The Mystery of Marline’s inability to explain why she suddenly broke the marriage upon her returns from Haiti, followed by my daughter turning against me, just 3 days after Marline sent me this text from Haiti:

  • The Mystery of Marline resurrecting her sister Joelle's Big Lie that I had Assaulted her daughter, and suddenly expanding it by adding the cruel absurdity of ‘wanting to kill them’. However she forgot that I am the one whose life was put at great risk when she blindly executed Doc Dupiton’s ‘Faking-230BP’ plot.

  • Marline’s bizarre pledge of allegiance to my family with a promising to do whatever they ask of her, and strangely becoming Johanne’s defender against me.

  • Marline’s inexplicable belief that her girlfriends and her sister come before her husband, which would also mean that my hangout buddies should have priority over her as my wife. Very strange!

  • The level of authority that Doc Dupiton exerted on Marline & the marriage, and that gave her the right to do the following.

    • FIRST: The right to order me out of the marital home with this shocking message to me using Marline’s name:

    • SECOND: The right to offer Marline membership in an ex-wives club with my daughter’s mother Paulette in exchange for dumping me. Something confirmed by Marline in this message to Johanne.

    • THIRD: The right to use Marline’s children to pass on the buck for her own actions, as she did in this audacious message she sent me after our separation:

    The Indoctrination of Marline and my daughter into the Claude’s ultra-feminist mentality that promotes a single-wife lifestyle, and the idiotic rule that a true woman must not let ’her husband CONTROL her', nor should a father. Etc.

Now, in talking about the ‘Control’ demon, let me close this list with a funny Control story that will bring to life the duel victimization of Marline and my daughter.

The story goes like this:

IT WAS OCT. 2014, when Joelle Mith wrote to Marline

 “JC always wanted to have ‘CONTROL over you. This, you cannot accept”.

THEN A YEAR LATER: I hear the CONTROL word from Marline for the 1st time when she told me:

You are not going o CONTROL me”.

THEN DEC. 2015: My daughter visits me at home to introduce her boyfriend to me, the very first one ever. I am touched, liked the guy, and felt happy for her.

AFTER BREAK UP: Marline sends me a message complaining why the marriage broke. She wrote:

"You tried to CONTROL all my moves".

THEN NEPHEW RICKY came to visit me at my sister’s house, and I asked him "how was my daughter doing with her new boyfriend?. And to my great shock, Ricky replied:

Oh, I really don't like him because he is CONTROLLING & tries to CONTROL her

Wow, I wonder what they did to that 'control' boyfriend, cause I no longer heard about him

THEN WEEKS LATER: My daughter , now fully brainwashed, sends me this first ‘control’ message:

 “I am not like any other woman that you have been able to PUSH OVER . Why couldn’t you just-shut-up and be a good husband?”

COMES HER MOTHER, my first wife Paulette with whom I had a 3 decades friendly relationship raising our daughter and was a guest at my wedding and at our home, suddenly showing that she also became a victim of the CONTROL demon by sending me this shocking text:

You need to stop TELLING  me what to do. I don't answer to you. You can't PUSH ME.

Now, this is an ex-wife who is remarried, has a new husband and who I've only seen at 2 family events at my home in over 5 years. Now, suddenly having the delusion that I am trying to 'control' her. I'd like to know how Doc Dupiton pulled that magic trick on her.

THEN THE ICING ON THE CAKE: Not long ago. I get this text from a fully brainwashed Marline that confirms the duel-victimization of Tanisha and Marline.:

Basically, the words of a child coming from a brainwashed wife in her 50’s.


So as the ‘CONTROLdemon traveled from Joelle, to Marline, to Tanisha, then jumped sex to my nephew Ricky, to my first wife, we ended up with:



That is the devastating power of the simple ‘CONTROL’ word when brainwashed into vulnerable people.


But this next list of mysteries depicting my family’s complicity in their victimization should finally convince Marline of her obligation to Do The Right Thing.



Now, these are questions that should be handled by my family, but so far no one has found the courage to stand up to Johanne Dupiton and for the truth. However, this list will be beneficial for Marline to realize the responsibly that now belongs to her. So here are those family questions:

  • How come my daughter, who is the youngest one, was delegated to deliver the family’s negative responses below to my peace initiatives, instead of the family:

    • There will be no meeting unless it’s with a counselor, or drug/alcohol rehab …”

    • “No one wants to sit & listen to you for hours complaining about conspiracies?".

  • The immoral act of Johanne Dupiton passing the bucks on to my daughter by publicly yelling in a courthouse:  “His daughter said he is crazy & need to be in an institution“

  • There was the outrage that took place when my daughter was delegated to my sick sister Roselyne house with my nephew Frantz Balmir to commit the unspeakable act of locking out her father in freezing January weather. But my big question is ’How come sister Liliane Claude did not delegated herself there since she had once yelled to me:

    So since the Claude & Dupiton operate in the dark, my daughter was made a tool for that dirty job.

  • Then a worse outrage came when my nephew Frantz Balmir’s wife Donna made the cruel insinuation that I was abusing my Alzheimer sister Roselyne and her stroke recovering husband Eric Balmir...
    But the immorality of these women and the grave consequence to my daughter was in full display as my daughter who’s known her father as a man of peace, sent me this shocking message echoing Dona’s monstrous lie:

    • "You're out here threatening my uncle. He is old! That is ELDER ABUSE"

    But the psychological damage done to my daughter had its greatest consequence in this next one.

  • The most tragic proof of my daughter’s moral compromise came the day that the Claude women got my nephews to evict me from the house. After whiich my daughter committed  an act never heard of by a daughter.
    On that day, there was my daughter living alone in her 3 bedroom house, but so morally damaged  by her elders that she was unable to take in her father as he was  forced into  a shelter.
    Exactly the same reaction she had after my wife had put me out, and the whole family ignored my midnight distress calls from a Dunkin Donut, and I was rescued by her godfather and his wife.





So as I close my case, let me first make some important points to Marline:

FIRST: Marline must accept that if it was not for her daughter disrespectful behavior toward me from the first week of the marriage with an issue about her cat and my allergy to cats, none of this drama would have happened, and my daughter would not have been psychologically corrupted by women decades her elders.

 SECOND: Marline should remember that it was her own sister’s Assault & Punch’ BIG LIE that initially put her daughter under a spotlight. So by reviving that BIG LIE, she is now the one victimizing her daughter by putting her back under the spotlight.

THIRD: As Marline’s sister and my niece Johanne had used her daughter in their ill-motivated plots, it is very disturbing that Marline would now be using my victimized daughter’s name to send idiotic texts saying “Your daughter is willing to get you help for your problems”. Especially since my daughter was not willing to help me after Marline put me out of our home, nor after Doc Dupiton got me evicted to a shelter.

FOURTH: Marline should also remember that while everyone was using her children to disrupt her marriage, I was the stepfather trying to help them. Now, I am not one who brags, but I think it’s worth reminding her of a few things that I did for them. Such as:

  • I was the only one who had secured a top career position for Tiffany, and who worked with Nicholas on his resume hoping to get him a business position, until Joelle spoiled those plans.

    The only one who helped pay Nicholas overdue college loans and even paid $800 to get his car fixed when Joelle wouldn’t let him use his grandmother’s car.

    The one who also got him VIP admission to sold out Manhattan concerts upon his asking. Ironically it was a VIP privilege that Joelle and her husband got from me many times to go dance Konpa at SOBs for free.

    The only one who offered to bring my tools to Tiffany’s new apartment to help fix it for her, then bought a dog house for her dog Carter.

    .The only one who provided major financial supports. One such that I do not need to repeat involved keeping a roof over their heads.

    Then other miscellaneous things like making her aware of inappropriate contents on a Tiffany Social page that she made her delete

    Finally, she must not forget that my good-hearted decision to handle Nicholas overdue College loan is what got me my first arrest in life at the hands of Joelle.
    And here is that story.

A first arrest that happened after I saw a message from Joelle complaining to Marline about a college debt collector calling her house looking for Marline. So after I wrote back to tell her that I’d take care of the situation, she blasted Marline for letting me read her emails, which forced me to tell Joelle that if she continues to intrude in our marriage to create problems, I’d file a complaint against her. But instead of stopping, she got a restraining order on me, and later got me arrested claiming that I violated the order.

But what was more outrageous than the arrest was what she wrote to her sister Marline in her email complaining about a debt collector calling her house for Marline. THIS YOU GOT TO READ.

Now this is from the sister who Marline thinks loves her and cares for her children. The sister who got Marline’s husband arrested for taking care of her son’s college loans.


So today, instead of Marline complaining that I was trying to Controlher, and claiming that I have problems & needs help, it’s time for her to realize that the person in need of serious help is her psycho sister Joelle-Mith-Joseph who wrote her that deranged letter, and who reminded me of a Lifetime Movie called “Psycho sister in-law. The sister in-law below who got me my first arrest for being a concerned stepfather.

 Now, in spite of all that, we still have Marline showing loyalty to Joelle and Johanne Dupiton from a “People-pleaser” need to stay in good standing with them.


Something that explains her spending the past few years trying blame me for the demise of her marriage, while at the same time, running away from clarifying the contradiction between what she says today and what she said during the marriage. Words like the ones below that I've often quoted in my publications, and that I will keep flashing to her face, until she tells me if these words were Big Lies that she sent to the worst husband ever

Well, according to her 2nd message of 9/29/2015,
our major  problems started in the few months before that message, and way into the 5th year of the marriage.


Then there are also those words in a letter she sent to her family a full year before the above messages, stating:

"I Married JC because I love him.., he is a good man, an educated & proud man who worked hard for what he has. . A caring husband, giving and lots of fun.  So what I am not going to tolerate is anyone thinking they are better than him.


So Marline can continue to scream that I was the worst husband ever if she wishes to, but just like everyone else, she knows the real hard truth as was presented in my previous publication.


But again, the marriage is not the issue of today. It is the mystery of the victimization and psychological corruption of my daughter as an outcome of the marriage. And in order to address that situation, Marline needs to free herself from a Double CATCH-22 that she is now caught in, and described below.



Now, let me bring attention to this Double CATCH-22 dilemma that Marline has been caught in, and that forces her to live in a virtual reality world of denial and falsehoods. However, it is a Double CATCH-22 that she must find the courage to free herself from in order to deal with the issue at hand today.


It is one that has her caught in a choice between TRUTH & A LOYALTY  to the creators of the catastrophe. A deranged loyalty that is at the roots of her inability to admit that her positive words above during the marriage were TRUTHFUL. Because admitting that she was happy in her marriage would also be a condemnation of Johanne & Joelle for staging the demise of her marriage. Something that would also nullify any basis for her loyalty to them.


But the big CATCH-22 risk would be falling out of favor with them, therefore she opted for the safer choice of betraying her words and to find refuge in making me a scapegoat. Something that I would not allow.


This other CATCH-22 that has her caught in a choice between TRUTH & the WELL-BEING of my daughter is the most consequential to that issue, and reflected in her reluctance to share what she knows with me. Because divulging concealed details that would convict Johanne Dupiton in the victimization of my daughter and the dismantling of the 'Elie father/daughter union, could once more cause her to fall out of grace with Johanne. So she again opted for the safer choice of suppressing the facts over the well-being of my daughter. However, it is a choice that I will not allow to stand


The Ultra-Feminist Doctrine Contributing Factor:

.Now, the 2nd CATCH-22 above is magnified by Marline being indoctrinated into the Claudes ultra-feminist doctrine of male inferiority to women. As such it is a doctrine that also views a father as inferior to a mother. Therefore my concerns over my daughter's victimization is seen as low priority for Marline.


However, if she upholds such crazy thought, she must quickly get rid of it, and instead learn that a true father’s job is never done. And my biggest job so far is to get accountability for the victimization of my daughter.




Now let me start my closure statement by reminding Marline of a most powerful quote which is: 'Only the truth shall set you free". Therefore, the only way to free herself from this Double CATCH-22 squeeze is to grab the Truth Weapon. The same weapon I credited for my survival, and that has given me the freedom to speak & write for years, while the promoters of falsehoods who are unable to challenge my words, have taken refuge behind a wall of silence, where Marline keeps them company.


Two Critical Facts she needs to keep in mind:


FIRST: It is for  Marline to remember that she married me, and not Johanne. Therefore the  well-being of my daughter must take priority over a deranged loyalty to those who scripted the demise of all 'Elie' unions. And even more important is the fact that, as a husband who had looked out for her children's well-being, I paid the ultimate price for that with my first arrest at the hands of her sister Joelle..


SECOND: While Marline keeps making reference to my daughter in her writings, and  had even put my daughter on top of her list of people she has special love for in the text below, there is something else that she must not forget...

And what she must not forget is that words are cheap, unless backed up by deeds and actions.


Therefore, I call upon her to show that her words were not cheap,  and that her Special Love was not fake.


And the way to do that is by supporting my efforts to get to the bottom of my daughter's victimization through honest and transparent communication with me on the above 3 lists.



Otherwise the consequential steps listed below will go into action. And the reason that my request is being made publicly, is with the hope that people who know and who care for Marline, most of  whom are reading this message, can support her to  DTRT (DO THE RIGHT THING).




Now after years of presenting facts and evidences on the campaigns of divisions that culminated into the current catastrophe, then after having multiple attempts at peaceful resolution ignored by the families under the control of the head instigators, we have reached the point when "A man must do what a man got to do" in order to get answers and accountability from those who unjustifiably [prosecuted me and responsible for the victimization of my daughter. So, if these families are so heartless as to not care for what they inflicted on their own bloods, and not willing or able to release Marline from this Double Catch-22 they have her locked in to address the damage created in her name, , then strong measures beyond public pressure are required, starting with the filing of complaints listed below against the practicing licenses of Dr. Marie Dupiton MD. and Joelle Mith-Joseph LCSW.




A plot to jeopardize my life by coercing  my wife into refusing to rush me to the ER with Dr. Dupiton convincing her that I was Faking the 230BP reading on the BP monitor. A criminally-motivated new Medical diagnosis of "FAKING-230BP" made from a phone call, proven by:

  • The secrecy behind the series of frantic 6AM dead or alive phone calls that followed, and accidently discovered on my phone bill.

  • The hospital Emergency room record where I ended up driving myself to.

  • Blood pressure monitor picture showing a  217/136 reading before reaching 230/??

  • The audio recording of me claiming a manslaughter attempt the next day before knowing of Doc Dupiton's involvement, thinking that Joelle Mith was behind it. Please Listen..

  • My wife's strange reaction on life-emergency that I staged and videotaped. A reaction that was followed by a call reporting to Doc Dupiton.

  • Doc Dupiton even confirming my claim by stating in a court hearing on her "Ass is Grass" complaint that I "accuse her of trying to kill me".

  • Depositions to be required by Marline & my daughter on the details of the incident and secretive 6AM phone calls.

  • The red pills placebo given to me, instead of my request for aspirin fearing a heart attack.

  • My Pharmacist nephew Eric Balmir Jr. having to explain his reluctance to say if there is such thing as red aspirin.

  • Doc Dupiton practically admitting her crime by never once refuting the accusation.

  • Etc., Etc., Etc.


A case of multiple cruel acts of vindictiveness that threatened and partially damaged my vision.

  • Her act of hiding for 2-weeks from Walgreen pharmacist to avoid refilling an expired prescription she had had written for a critical  eye medication.

  • A 2013 letter I had written to her attorney  that documented the above act of Medical negligence against my vision. Ironically, it was a letter replying to Doc Dupiton's notice of eviction from my office/apartment in an act of retaliation for my wife rejecting her early advances.

  • Statement from the Pharmacist with Walgreen records of her rejecting his calls.

  • Her false arrests plots that deprived me  access to my critical medications on multiple occasions.

  • Medical Records of my ophthalmologist Dr. Laroche documenting my vision degradation.

  • The plotted false arrest 1 week after eye surgery that disrupted my post-surgery recovery with more vision degradation.

  • Etc., Etc., Etc. 


An absurd and psychotic medical belief for the treatment of someone diagnosed with mental health problems. One that she tried to put on me, saying::

  • A patient diagnosed with mental health issues should be treated by calling the police to get him arrested & jailed. Now, since that sounds absurd for an MD, the evidence is next.

  • Her handwritten police complaint calling for my arrest & jailing on for an imaginary “Problem”. Here is the photocopy of her handwritten statement

  • Then exposing the highest level of immorality by passing the buck on to my daughter who she already victimized by yelling in court, with her husband Guy as my witness, that my non-physician daughter is the one who made the "Crazy Daddy" diagnosis.

  • Etc., Etc.

So my advice to parents has been: If your child is ever diagnosed as being a little slow during a Camkids Consultation, RUN LIKE HELL BEFORE THE POLICE SHOWS UP



A laundry list of strange & cruel behaviors proving that Dr. Dupiton has earned the nickname of Mad Doc., such as:

  • Plotting a series of 4 false arrests that were all dismissed in court or by the DA, such this one by the Queens DA

  • Her cultist indoctrination of my daughter & others into criminally minded activities.

  • Her collection of mentally deranged text messages stating “I only know the police. Yep, only the police, that’s all I know”.

  • Her documented psychotic act of kidnapping of my wife.

  • An inhumane obsession with evicting people to the streets as documented in this message to her uncle.

All together exposing an unstable personality that the licensing agency will conclude is not qualified to be a physician, even less to be a pediatrician taking care of children.




Complaint to be filed with Licensing Agency and employer Queens Hospital Mental Health Department for:

  • Hateful and vindictive unethical actions, and exhibiting psychotic behaviors as documented in her volumes of irrational & threatening communications.

  • Dereliction of her LCSW duties by hiding for weeks from her sister's marriage counselor trying to address her destructive influence on her sister & her marriage.

  • A dangerously high level of possessive & controlling influence over the younger sister who she fed with a heavy dose of brainwashing.

  • Her history of detrimental mental manipulation of the sister’s children as toddlers, and now brainwashing them to believe that their new stepfather wants to kill their mother.

  • Sending the sister's son a Bronx murder news clip to suggest the danger his mother faces.

  • Coercing the children to write extremely troubling letters claiming fear for their mother’s life. In one such letter sent by the son to the Joelle Mith-Joseph, I quote his exact words:

    "... I am not going to give him a chance to make this a Romeo and Juliet ending and losing my mother to an unstable of a man."

  • The extremely irresponsible act of secretly using the sister's daughter's name in a court document to make the unthinkable lie that  the daughter came in our room to stop his stepfather from KILLING her mother. As shown in this section of the actual document:

  • Flashing her Queens Hospital LCSW badge to a police officer requesting him to execute a false arrest on her sister's husband while standing in their living room, but was ignored by the officer.

  • Finally, we even have Marline, the victimized sister herself  stating numerous times that “Joelle suffers from occupational hazard’, and even wrote to her saying: “Joelle, not everyone is a case study”.

  • Etc., Etc., Etc.




Below are direct evidences in Joelle's own words from her mental writings


These are direct quotes from communications that Joelle Mith-Joseph sent to her sister Marline Mith-Elie full of heavy doses of brainwashing

  • Marline.  I suspect that your dear husband Jean Claude probably influenced you in writing this "defend Jean Claude" e-mail

  • Reading your e-mail provoked the feelings of reading the e-mail of an abused, brainwashed woman.

  • Jean Claude must feel in heaven for feeling he has succeeded in alienating you from our family so that he can have "better control" over you.

  • This is what he always wanted...he said he would not allow you to go anywhere without him.

  • you are perhaps unaware of the damages done to you by your dear husband.

  • You made the decision to marry Jean Claude, you said "he is a good man and a caring person", that you are happy, have fun with him and love him...good for you.

  • Jean Claude may have succeeded in fooling you but he knows he cannot fool others. 

  • Marline, it may make you feel good to defend your husband, fine with me but you do know "your real husband".

  •  I know there is a "grandiose feeling" of having "RockMasters" as your husband as you parade in the Haitian community and likewise Jean Claude may feel good about getting an desirable woman like you that other men wanted

  • He cannot without apologizing "push himself on us" and telling us he has control over you and would not let you go anywhere without him....this we cannot accept and you should not also.

  • Denying a problem exist and let oneself be "brainwashed" that "everything is fine" are classic symptoms that professionals often see in relationships where abuses are present.

  • By the way, with regards to reportedly the job Jean Claude was assisting Tiffany to get; I agree with Tiffany,  why should she trust him with her transcript. Jean Claude should have respected her decision to refuse his assistance. If he has such great job contacts he should use it for himself and to assist you .

  • By the way Marline, I did not open the attachment with Jean Claude's resume...l. A resume is as good as what its owner does with it.

  • In the psychiatric clinic where I work we have many patients with Ivy League education, graduates from Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Princeton, etc. with Law, medical and engineer degrees,  and currently mentally ill and unable to work. So if one reviewed these individuals resumes , one would indeed be quite impressed.


  • Jean Claude, my family and I are all wondering "what did our Marline get herself into by marrying a psychotic alcoholic like you..

  • You need help ASAP. I and the others have put up with your insane behaviors for Marline's sake..

  • You feel so inadequate that you cannot offer Marline much that you try to find someone to blame for your problems.

  • You are delusional if you really want others to think your marriage is "great and solid".
     Since you have nothing better to do you have made it your focus to try to destroy the good relationship Nicholas and Tiffany have with their mother. Everything was just fine...until you came!


  • I am not bothered by your ungrateful attitude towards me. This is what having a poor self esteem does to people. They blame others for their inadequacies.

  • You are RockMasters with a VERY BAD reputation in the Haitian community. you know it. It is even true with the people who laugh with you!

  • I was the one who the day your wedding to Marline I had to open all your gift envelopes to pay people you owe. ..the next day I left my job  to go to the bank and deposit monies from the envelopes. This is indeed Ghetto...not Marline's children as I have heard you called them.

  • One day Marline will wake up and evaluate your comment that "you are the best husband for her". Personally I think the evaluation already took place

  • I am concerned about the effects of the stress that YOU have introduced in her life the past couple of years.

  • Unlike your delusions "that Jean Claude is a nice guy", Nicholas and Tiffany are so fearful for the safety of their mother in the home with a psychotic alcoholic like you who offers Nothing to their mother

  • I was not interfering with your abusive marriage. This is my sister's choice because I know things are not as Ok as you are pretending.

  •  My mother's car is my business  I had already told Nick to bring the car to my mother. Get it to your thick alcoholic head I do not want you to use our mother's car.. .

  • No….the house belong to marline and her children's father. it is not yours.

  • You are so used to dealing with trash that you wanted my sister to elevate you...

  • Yourself. you try to live a lie to pretend that you have when you do not..

  • Others even people who are suppose to be your friends know the lie you are living....

  • You feel so inferior...nothing to offer except hiding under your RockMaster..

  • I have no time for you low life, psychotic, abuser and alcoholic ...

  • I am very concerned for our beloved , my sister marline.. . She needs lots of prayers living with you.-Poor Marline

  • I replied to MY SISTER'S e-mail.... Are you so insecure that you have to read MY SISTER'S e-mails..  you are so insecure you have plenty of time to Snoop in MY SISTER's private. You cannot stop me from communicating with MY SISTER..

  • GET a Life JC!

And the list goes on and on from the Award wining Psycho Sister in law Counselor.


Well, with all that, it will not take long for the licensing agency to conclude that Joelle Mith-Joseph LCSW is a psycho not fit to be counseling anyone, but one in need of serious rehabilitation.




If the above actions against professional licenses go into effect, the next step will be legal civil and criminal litigations and police complaints to address cruel acts  that targeted my life, vision, mental state with an intensive campaign of character assassination, slanders etc. that also caused great damages to my business, resulting in major financial losses.


The pictures below are a sample of the evidences depicting some of the physical consequences from the above, and that will also be used to support the complaints against professional licenses.

But as I clearly informed everyone  many times, these are actions that I never contemplated taking in my worst nightmares against people of my own blood, nor those who became an extended family through marriage.


But for 5 years, all my efforts at  peaceful  resolution through communication and even public pressure have hit  a brick wall of silence guilt. And now with the outrage of their refusal to address the victimization of my daughter, they are forcing the above sets of actions upon themselves.


But I remain baffled on how families of grown and should be responsible adults could allow themselves to be put under an ugly public spotlight of shame for so long by 2 female  family members, one from each family. Especially , when all they are asked for are answers to incidents within the families. A behavior that tells me that there are bigger skeletons they fear could come out. So if these steps are what's required to unearth those skeletons, then that's what it will be.



How could a simple marriage between 2 people bring so much cruelty & damages to so many, while no one is able to answer the simple question of “What is ONE thing that did I do to anyone to have been targeted by so many?. Except for then to react with  slanders, falsehoods & the BIG LIES that made the 2 leaders earn the title of "Trumpists of Division & Hate



xposing the HARD-TRUTH behind the Double CATCH-22 for a full picture





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