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RockMasters enter. is specializes in internet marketing and mass E-mail advertising of Haitian events & Businesses

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- With RockMasters Marketing & Advertizing, "Sending e-mails is NOT simply sending emails"-
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About us:

RockMasters Entertainment Inc. is the leading Internet Marketing and Advertising company in the Haitian community. The company started primarily as a Haitian Events promotion company and is still the undisputed leader in this field. We have then evolved into a hi-tech, full fledge marketing and advertising company with the unique ability to instantly reach over 40,000 Haitians all over the world with the push of a button.

Whether you are advertising a business, an event, an artist, a product, an organization, a political event, a fund raiser etc., RockMasters Marketing & Adverting Service can give you the desired results in the fastest time.

We provide you with:

  • High quality work

  • Timely delivery

  • Professional Service

  • Professional Marketing Advice

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Best price and accurate accounting of your account

This is the reason we have been able to grow from a purely events promotion company in the Haitian community to a complete Marketing and Advertising company.

Our Marketing Tools -
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Contrary to most web sites which use only a passive promotion strategy by posting your advertisement banner and waiting for someone to see it, we use mostly a Pro-Active strategy, using e-mail blasts and other hi-tech tools to aggressively promote your business, product or event and deliver it to our subscribers computers at home, work or cell phones.



These tools include:


  • Email Database of nearly 40,000 Subscribers

  • Weekly newsletter & dedicated email blasts.

  • Website posting on

  • Test Messaging - Sent to cell phones

  • Social Media

  • Voice Announcements

  • Networking & Syndication

  • Flyers Distribution, etc

1- Web Site advertising:
Events and business ads are posted on the weekly calendar. Additional exposure is also achieved by placing ads  in rotating banners at multiple locations on the site. For business advertising, banners are  posted near the top of the main page of our web site. All banners are linked to the client’s flyers, web sites or dedicated web page that we create. 

2-  Weekly Mailing:
The main events calendar and all advertising banners  are loaded into weekly newsletter  and blasted to our list each week.  The weekly mailing is the only source of events information for a large number of our subscribers and the recipients of forwarded e-mails

3-  Special Mailing:
This is the most powerful and direct form of promotion. We prepare and send out a mailing that is dedicated to our client's advertisement. It is basically a web page sent as an e-mail with links to our clients’ web sites etc. This mailing is sent in both html and text version. The numbers of forwards can more than double the initial number of recipients.

4- Network with other web sites
RockMasters Events are also linked with many other web sites So your ad has a wider audience than the one we reach directly. So when you advertise on RockMasters, you get exposed on multiple other sites

RockMasters Marketing Engine
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The main engine of our Hi-Tech Marketing System is the huge database of e-mail addresses which allows us to reach tens of thousands of people instantly. It is backed up by our web site which is the only site that people visit routinely to learn about activities in the Haitian Community. Our web site generates thousands of hits daily. The other tools available to us are used as needed depending on your project.

Sending 50,000 to 250,000 individual e-mails per week require a robust system. We use , the most advanced email management software in existence. Our list is hosted by a reputable mail processing company with Fortune 500 clients and a strong rapport with the major e-mail service providers. This insures that our mailings get delivered and we never get blacklisted. We pay a high cost for the service, but it insures the integrity of our list and delivery of our mailings. - Visit Lyris web site for more info -

Other Technical Capabilities
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We are a self sufficient company with all the internal skills and capabilities required to give you the maximum results at the lowest cost. While most other promotion companies or web sites charge you extra or require you to provide them with your ads already prepared, or your banners done to specific size, or your audio/video files provided in a specific format, we have the skills to provide these extras services internally at no charge, thus making us a one-stop shop.


These added capabilities include:

  • Banners generated from your flyer

  • All Graphic works and layout done in house

  • Original graphics correction and resizing if needed

  • Html coding for web page and Special mailing

  • Special Mailing preparation (html/text)

  • Video editing, conversion and embedding

  • Audio Announcement editing and embedding

  • Etc

Subscribers & List Size
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Unlike many other e-mail marketing companies, we provide proof of the numbers of subscribers in our list. The numbers we report are valid deliverable addresses with 99% delivery rate. We do not count unsubscribed or bounced addresses.


As of now we have about 35,000 valid subscribers as shown by the chart on the right. Our list steadily grew over the years; From 2,500 when we started, to nearly 40,000 now and growing daily.

Delivery Record
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We have the best delivery record in the business, and we provide proof that your mailings get delivered to our subscriber’s mailbox. When we do a special/dedicated blast, you get a delivery report within 1 day.

The chart on the right is from an actual delivery report. It shows  a success rate of 99% with most of the delivery completed within 10 minutes.



% of Total Recips
















Recipients (% of total)

Attempted (% of domain)

Success %

10540 (31%)

10540 (100%)


8406 (24%)

8406 (100%)


3696 (10%)

3696 (100%)


3074 (9%)

3074 (100%)


1300 (3%)

1300 (100%)


All other domains (2288)

6838 (20%)

6838 (100%)



33854 (100%)

33854 (100%)



Tracking Record
We can track individual subscriber’s record as to what mailing is opened, when it is opened and how many people it is forwarded to. This way we know who is interested in the information that we send and what type of e-mails most attract them

Our Business Customers - Expanding our reach for tomorrow
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We are proud of having been the leader of Haitian Events promotion over the years and we are thankful to all the loyal events promoters and club owners who believe in RockMasters Services and continue to make RockMasters Entertainment the success that it is.

Over time however, many businesses and organizations have seen the benefit of using our services.  The great results achieved by our services has turned RockMasters into a full fledge Advertising and Marketing Company.

Non-Haitian Businesses, Organizations and Political groups use our services when the goal is to reach the Haitian community in large numbers and in the shortest time.

To make the point, I have included below a partial list of satisfied businesses, organizations etc. who have used RockMasters Marketing & Advertising services with great success. As you can see, there is no boundary as to what we promote and advertise.

Satisfied Business Customers

AHP-Alliance For Haitian Progress


Aristeia Capital, LLC

Brasserie Creole Rest.

Brookdale Hospital

Call Direk

Camkids Pediatrics


Committee to Elect Solage



Cross County Medical

Dalembert Foundation


Embassy of Haiti, DC

Fleurimond Catering


Francophone International

French Institute Alliance Française

Good Taste Catering

Haiti Live Network

Haitian League

Haitian-American United - HAU

Haitians for Barack Obama

Harlem Stage Presents

Haitian-Americans United for Progress

Jean-Henry Ceant for President

Kwizine Arts Catering

Labadee Manoir Rest.

L'anolis Vert club

Latalaye Catering

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Mathieu Eugene for City Council

Mirelle's Restaurant

Mixed Notes Cafe

Morantus Wealth Advisors, Inc

Nord d'Ouest Reuni

Poets House

Primevere Club

RJ Publication

Save The Children

SIMACT Foundation


Solution Management Group

Times Square Art Center

Trepicia Galleries

United Nations


Vigo Remittance Co.

Vision Air Haiti


Western Union

World Music Promotion etc,

To see the full list of past customers which includes promoters, Go to:

Sample of our work
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Below are a few examples of Special promotions we did via e-mail blast. This gives you an idea of the quality and variety of our work.

Click on any of the titles below to see the Advertisements as they were prepared and Blasted

Parties - Festivals etc.

Haiti Fund Raising Events


Organization, Politics etc

Labadee Manoir Halloween
Lincoln Center Outdoors
Celebration of Haitian Poetry
Haitian Compas Festival
Anolis Vert Summer Cruise

Haitian Undergound Events
Summer Jazz Festival

Caribbean Cares concert for Haiti
Harlem stage - Konbit Pou Haiti
Hope for Haiti Concert
Haiti Cheri Benefit Concert
Humanity for Haiti Concert

SIMACT - School Supply Drive

Medical: Cross County Clinic
Catering: Fleurimond Catering
Property: Metro Residence
Real Estate - Open House

Financial: Morantus Wealth Mgt
Airline: Vision Air Haiti
Money Transfer: Western Union

Jean Hery Ceant for president
United Nations Haiti Conference


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
The section below will answer most of your questions. Please be sure to read the FAQs

What is the difference between advertising with RockMasters & Other Web site?
The difference is HUGE. Other web sites will simply post your advertisement banner hoping someone will see it. Most of there no link attached. Sometime, it's put a rotating banner in a group of 10, 20 or more banners. So your ad only shows a fraction of the time for few seconds.  Also there are sites where you can list your events, but visitors do not go to these sites for that purpose.

RockMasters is not only posting and listing company, we are a Promotion, Marketing and Advertising company. We aggressively work on promoting your event and busuness everyday, 7 days a week. We have what we call a "Pro-Active" strategy.

When some ask the question? What's Happening tonight? The answer is always "Let's Check RockMasters". And this is without exaggeration. That is why we get thousands of hits daily, and even more from Friday to Sat.

What info do I need to provide to have my event promoted on RockMasters?

We follow a simple but structured process to create your campaign

  1. You contact us with details of your needs & email us whatever graphics or other files you have for your business or event

  2. We discuss your requirements with you, negotiate the costs and follow up with a quote.

  3. Once OK by you, we send you a formal invoice.

  4. We start designing your ad and put together the details of your campaign

  5. We email you  a draft of your work for review. We will work with you as long as you need until it is to your satisfaction.

  6. Once we get written final approval and payment is received, you campaign will begin

  7. We send you a receipt of payment for your records

  8. If we do a Special Blast, You will receive a Full Delivery Report for your mailing.

  9. We will follow up with you to be sure you were 100% satisfied with our service.

What is the cost for this promotion?
Cost varies significantly depending on the level of promotion. E-mail us your requests

How did RockMasters get my e-mail address?
This is a question we get everywhere we go. Most people subscribe directly. But a large number of subscribers are referrals from friends, families etc. Also we get names from the huge number of e-mails that we receive and we send invitation to the email addresses that come to us. Every person added to the list has the option to decline or stay on the list.

What if I do not want a certain e-mail address (such as work) to be on the list?
All subscriptions come with the removal feature. Request to remove an e-mail is handled promptly. All unsubscribed e-mails are retained indefinitely and locked to prevent them for getting back on the list. If you wish you can send us an alternate e-mail to use

I am no longer getting e-mails. What happened?
If an e-mail address bounces too many times then the software automatically puts that e-mail on hold and will not send it any more mailing. If your e-mail was erroneously held. You can contact us to reinstate. Also an email address can be unsubscribed accidently or by someone else or by request from your mail server without your knowledge. Also, check your Spam folder to make sure our mail is not getting there accidently. If so, put us in your address book.

I do not get many events listing for the area where I live. Why?
A question asked to us often. All events are listed from requests by the promoters. If we do not get a request, it wont get posted. It is obvious that the NY area promoters are miles ahead of  everyone else as far as using this nationwide system, but we have been getting some movement. We always remind promoters that the internet is global. So wherever your event or business is located, you get the same exposure.

What else will you promote/Advertise beside Parties?
As you can see we do not discriminate. Beside parties, we promote Jazz, Racine, Gospel, Movies, Business events, Political events, Galas, Festival, Business advertisements. You name it. We will not promote anything of bad taste, controversial, or sexually oriented.

How do I know that you really have the numbers of valid subscribers and that the mail gets delivered?
We pride ourselves that we can and will provide this proof if requested. We provide full delivery reports on your mailing. This report is automatically generated by the server and forwarded to you (See sample above)

Is my e-mail address ever shared with others?

Absolutely NOT. The privacy of your e-mail address is a top priority. Your email is never divulged or shared with anyone for any reason.

How do you maintain a 99% Delivery rate?
Our E-mail processing company has excellent relationships with all major ISPs, including white-listing of their IP addresses, etc. They maintain compliance with all SPAM laws and are proactive in insuring their clients also use best practices



We hope that you now have a better insight on RockMasters Entertainment Marketing & Advertising Service. If you have a current or  need for advertising or promotion, contact us today for quote or come visit our office.


Remember, if you are looking for a place to go this weekend or have an event you need to promote, visit our Haitian Events Calendar at "The Haitian Events Source"


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