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SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 2010 @ 7:00 PM

The Haitian Summer Jazz Festival?
From 1895, the date that North American jazz was created in New Orleans to March 2008, there was not such a thing as Haitian Jazz Show on the airwave (as far as we know). On March 16, 2008, DJ K (Kedner Stiven) has decided to put together a radio show he baptized as "Jazz Creole" broadcasted weekly on a local New York Radio station. He received enormous supports and encouragements. To promote, expose and encourage this movement, DJ K has launched the first Annual Haitian Summer Jazz festival held on Sunday August 17, 2008. Now comes the 3rd Annual Haitian Jazz Festival on August 28, 2010. A superb Jazz event that no one will want to miss.

Mirelle's Restaurant

Featuring: Buyu Ambroise, Doudou Chancy, Makarios Cesaire, Boulo Valcourt Marc Mathelier, Chardavoine, Mario Devolcy, Serge Stiven - After party with: Chale Mizik (Full Kompa Band)

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Mirelle's Restaurant
170 Post Ave, Westbury, NY


Admission & Information

Gen. Admission: $40
Show: 7:00 PM
Info: 347-693-6407 - email: kedamou@yahoo.com


Media Press Conference
Friday Aug. 27 @ 6 PM - Mirelle's Restaurant

The media  will have the opportunity to ask questions and address any issues or concerns they may have regarding the 3rd edition of the festival. During the news conference, the Haitian Summer Jazz Festival, musicians, friends and members and its team will expose exciting new plans for this year's festivities.

Scheduled Speakers:
Chardavoine, Buyu Ambroise, Boulo Valcourt, Kedner Stiven, Dr. Eloi-Stiven, Maestro Serge, Mario De Volcy.

Members of the media who would like to cover the Jazz Festival should come with their identification at the Press Conference and fill out a Media Form. Friends are not allowed to replace you at the event, as a "media".

You are advised to arrive early with photo ID to allow time to register for Media Credentials.

If you need further instructions, please call: 347-693-6407
Refreshments will be served from 6:00pm to 7:00pm.

HSJF Staff

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