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Welcome to Morantus Wealth Advisors, Inc.

We believe every investor can benefit from a comprehensive financial consultation. It is essential to evaluate all aspects of your financial situation to get a better understand of where you are and where you should be. We start with your vision; where you tell us what’s important to you. Then we put our experience to work, to offer you the best possible advice.

We are an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm founded to serve its clients with a holistic approach to wealth building. We believe that whether you are new to the work force or have already accumulated wealth, you can benefit from a customized plan developed to fit your financial goals.


-Alliance Partners -


Morantus Wealth Advisors, Inc. has established an Alliance Partners Program of Certified Public Accountants, Tax Professionals and Attorneys. This network of industry professionals allows us to provide you with a wide range of services from advanced Estate Planning to Income Tax Planning.

    * Asset Accumulation and Allocation Planning
    * Education Planning
    * Insurance & Risk Management Planning
    * Retirement Planning
    * Estate & Trust Planning

Our Wealth Management System

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Life gets complicated as your health grows.
Let us help you manage your assets, with our state of the art wealth management system

Morantus Wealth Advisors, Inc.
851 Lorenz Ave, North Baldwin, NY 11510
Phone: 516-425-4248 - Fax: 516-223-1953

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Investment advisory services offered through Morantus Wealth Advisors, Inc, a Registered Investment Adviser. We furnish investment advice through consultation and investment supervisory services to individuals and business entities. We are a fee-only advisory firm. We do not charge based on commission.. We use the following form of information to advise clients: Financial Newspapers and Magazines, Research materials prepared by professionals, Corporate rating services, Annual Reports, Prospectuses, filing with the Security and Exchange Commission and company press released.

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